Soda Jerk

In what is to be the last TWS poll in a while, you, our dearest and devoted losers readers, came out in great numbers to decide once and for all, Who Is The Breast Mike Tyson Punch Out Foe That Isn’t Mike Tyson? I would have bet the farm on Von Kaiser and his killer mustachio to take home the title, or even on the great Don Flamenco as a longshot, simply cause he’s the Red Rose of Spain, but it was other stereotypes that dominated the top two spots in the hearts and minds of voters. And although Piston Honda blinked and winked his way into an early lead…

his favorite movie is 'Gung Ho' with Michael Keaton blink if yer horny imagine if his name was piston hyundai

In the end, it was a landslide victory for

the Eastern European jerk, Mr Soda Popinski!!!

so if he's bald, what so special about bald bull? pink is the new blog japanese cartoons SUCK white russian on the ROCKS!! you know what they say about people who suck on bottles...

And many a thankses to the greatestist

Mike Tyson Punch Out site mt everest:

RedTom`s Punch-Out!! Page

For the grand thefting of such great gif(t)s

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