Thursday’sThirstings the III

These People Were Born

1452 – triple threat, Leonardo da “Shiz Nit” Vinci

1811 – Siamese twins, Chang and Eng “Lish” Bunker

1843 – an author with two first names, Henry James

1889 – a muralist with “hart”, Thomas Hart Benton

1894 – 1st sista of soul, Bessie “Owens” Smith

1951 – helpful hints from, “Go Straight to” Heloise

1966 – bonerrific, Samantha “20th Century” Fox

1990 – Hermione Granger! High Voltage, Emma “elementary my dear” Watson

It’s a bit to early to start countin’ down Emma’s legality.

And This Shit Happened

1912 – The Titanic sinks. Leo’s body is frozen until the cure to death can be found. He’s stored in Arizona next to Ted Williams.

1924 – Rand McNally publishes its first road atlas.

The Next Day – People start to think that Rand’s name is really “Random McNally”

1983 – Tokyo Disneyland opens. Donald Duck is replaced by Kikkoman.

Show you, show me.

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