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Time Keeps On Slipping
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The impossible has become possible! Somehow Robert Schwentke‘s Time Traveler’s Wife, adapted from Audrey Niffenegger‘s debut novel, is a story about time travel that somehow is completely pointless, uneventful and out-flat boringzzzzzz. We haven’t been this dismayed and coma induced with a time travel flick since Marty & Doc didn’t get so wild in the westward ho-bag that was Back To The Future Part III (don’t get us started, so we’ll stop ourselves there). Yes, we understand that TTT’sW is less about the travel and more about the troubled romance between the oft absent traveler (Eric Bana) and his patient, who grows inpatient, and returns to being somewhat patient wife (Rachel McAdams), but that’s no eggscuse for misusing one of the illest story devices known to man juss to make women cry. We also like it a lot more when it was called Journeyman, a show where plenty of stuff happened, and a show that was unfairly canceled way too quickly. Our main problem with TTT’sW is that there’s no real reason as to why Bana’s jumping around the years, other than the fact that he has a genetic defect, which is never fully explained beyond that point. The secondary problem is that the romance between Bana and McAdams never gels from the get go (it was right down creepy when an adult Bana first meets McAdams as a child and starts to tell her things about their future together), so every inch of their relationship that follows onscreen didn’t work for us tat all. Not even brief cameos by Bana or McAdam’s butts could make something out of this nothing. We’re sure women will enjoy this minor weepie, a heckuva lots mores then the mens, but yer all better off staying at home and rewatching one of these timeless love affairs that pack a lil more bite instead: Peggy Sue Got Married, Time After Time and Somehwere In Time (although we’ve never seen it, we hears it’s a winner). Of course if you do get dragged, you have every right to drag her to hell see District 9

It’s About Time: here’s another easy way to get the stale taste of TTT’sW out of yer mouths (for the 3982392th time)… 1.21 GIGAWATTS (REDUX)!!!!

Verdictgo: Slit Yer Eyes Out Reboringulous

TTT’s Wife stands still at a theater near jews today

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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