This kid must be the modern day Nostradamus, cause Product Ye Olde Shoppe NYC’s Coachella prophecy has come true. Fudgegetabout Wilco’s migraines and Thom’s throat, BECK has been added to SATURDAY’S LINE-UP! So have Kool Keith and MF Doom!! And Hybrid was added to Sunday’s line-up!!! and !!! is pronounced by any three repetitive sounds, like chic-chic-chic, or pow-pow-pow, or even uh-uh-uh!!!! Below is the line-up sans times and sans serif. Click here for the complete Coachella map.

But wees got a potential timing problem: Basement Jaxx on at the same time as The Flaming Lips!?!??!?!!? What to do? Well, I guess we can forget about the whole Flaming Jaxx or Basement Lips collaboration. DAMN!! However, I did use my Ouija board and it told me that Dizzee Rascal will appear on stage with Basement Jaxx to perform their um-credible “duet”, “Lucky Star”.

Meet me at the Churros stand.

2 p.m. sharp.

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