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November 7, 1977

a date that will live in thighfamy

cause I was born on this day

and I was born to love 

thanks for joining me on this journey of sense-non, movies, boobs and dumb sh!t

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apparently as a child we were scared to death of purty much everything, but specifically when word came round that Manson family member turned almos President Ford assassin Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme might get paroled from her life sentence. guess we thought that the first thing she woulda done upon her release was come after us and hack us up into bits. well, that didn’t happen… until [email protected][email protected][email protected]#[email protected]?E#[email protected][email protected]?? we aint no longer a child and we aint no longer scared, and as time passed, we hactually found her to be somewhat of a cutie pie. no, seriously we (sorta did not really) did. guess we’re suckers for psychotic redheads. FROMME HOME!!!

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