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The Model of A Charmful Man

Graham Coxon
Bowery Ballroom
September 24

Graham Coxon is the forgotten man.  The Blur guitarist has released EIGHT solo albums, and all anyone ever wants to talk about is what Damon Albarn’s doing with whichever Damon Albarn side project is goings on at the moment (and for good reason).  But Graham is no slouch.  Sure, I only really know one of those solo albums (the first one), but after getting super-Super-SUPER into his latest and definitely his GREATEST – the soundtrack to the Netflix show The End Of The F***ing World – I was wrapped up in only one Blur side project for the last 2 months – the Graham Coxon-Graham Coxon side project!

Treated to 25 ditties, including two Blur songs, and two covers, Graham and his sharp guitar (and some fantastic sounding pre-recorded backing audio) enraptured the crowd from start to finish.  His motions and emotions on stage were filled with obvious nervousness and timidness.  This, from a guy who’s probably played every kind of giant festival stage imaginable, but I guess he’s used to disappearing into the background, while Damon sucked all the attention upfront.  But shyness aside, his charm and smile won the night and us all

Graham, once forgotten, now, unforgettable

Setlist – R U Lonely? / Latte / Way Up High (Ram John Holder cover) / Falling / All Over Me / That Someone Ain’t You / Alright / Don’t Believe Anything I Say / Flights to the Sea (Lovely Rain) / Angry Me / Saturday Night / It’s All Blue / She Left the Light On / Roaming Star / Can’t Find My Way Home (Blind Faith cover) / Miss America (Blur song) / All The Rage / Brave The Storm / Walking All Day

Encore – In The Morning / You’re So Great (Blur song) / There’s Something in the Way That You Cry / See A Better Day / Sorrow’s Army


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