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We’ve said it a zillion times before, but blessed be the casting director(s) of the Harry Potter flicks.  They picked 3 perfect kids (+ all their schoolmates) that had to rise to the challenge of not aging awkwardly or develop into awful actors, as many kids II (wo)men often do (is it any wonder why Fred Savage is behind the camera now???), over the course of 7 movies.  Mission beyond accomplished!!! Same cannot be said of the youngest Pevensie kids of da chronicly Chronicles, Edmund (Skandar Keynes, still one of the bestestest names ever) and Lucy (Georgie Henley).  They were rightfully green behind the earish in Narnia 1, and when they returned in #2, you could start to see signs that maybe them two weren’t really the chosen ones than Arslan should have chosen to carry the torch

Tuff tooties, cause Narnia 3 is virtually Peter (the DASHING William Moseley) & Susan (poppy Anna Popplewell)-free, and so we’re basically stuck sailing the high seas with Ed & Lu and the blandish Prince Caspy (Ben Barnes, who’s hactually a lil less bland in this one).  Sounds like a straight-up snoozefest, no?  WRONG!  If you’ve made it thru 2 Narnias, you should keep on trucking along with the third one, cause it’s still damn fun (with all dem damn Christian allegories!!) and that’s all that really matters, no?  And unlike in Potterville, at least these kids get to travel and do stuff all of the time, and not juss sit around and learn spells that want to put us to sleep!  Plus there are so many nifty & enchanted islands they explore and the Pevensie kids’ unwilling traveling companion/cousin Eustace (prickish Will Poulter, from Son of Rambow) is certainly no bore and watching Bruce Spence do anything is never a chore and this shiz is Narnia lore!!!!  And it’s also the last book/movie with Ed & Lu!!!!!!!!!!!  Also, the special effects are pretty awesome.  Also, YOUR MOTHER.  Also, your mother is not Melissa Leo

Get Bent!!: for Laura Brent. co-star Liam Arslan Neeson did!!!

c’mon Liam, no love for Melissa Leo?

VerdictgoJeepers Worth A Peepers

Narnia 3 is the magic # this Friday at a theater near jews AND Christians!

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


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