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Reprise Wide Shut

Don’t You Want To Go Where The Rainbow Ends?

That, may, very, well, be, the, most, inviting, invitation, in, the, HISTORY, of, movies, EVER!,!,!,!,!  I would give up eating Popeyes & See’s Candies for life to trade places with Tom Cruise in this teeny tiny lil crazy/sexy/cool crazy/beautiful scene/gif.  If only life could be A-B repeated like this gif with super hot women that totally want to bang you in a Stanley Kubrick movie with awesome lights illuminating hotness in the foreground and things and stuff in the background!!!!!

If you’ve seen the movie, you know Tom Cruise doesn’t end up going where the rainbow ends cause he has to go upstairs and help revive Sydney Pollack’s ODed hooker whore prostitute lady friend.  we all make mistakes in life, but in movies, Tom Cruise should totally be going to where the rainbow ends AND THEN help tackle Sydney Pollack’s hooker whore prostitute issues, AND THEN return to where the rainbow ends, AND THEN make sure it NEVER ENDS!!!

and then?

oh, and btw, this is probably the first gif I ever fell in love with, circa 1999

and never 9get


Your Not So Biennial
Stewart Thorndike Posting

what’s the bestest part of dear ole Stanley’s Eyes Wide Shut?  all of it, duhvs course!!  no, but seriously, we all know it’s the bit where Nuala Windsor (Stewart Thorndike) is totes trying to turn Tom Cruise straight. why???  CAUSE SHE’S THE HOTTEST THING IN THE WORLD AND SHE COULD TURN ASEXUAL PEOPLE INTO 69SEXUAL PEOPLES AT THE DROP OF A HAT AND THE DROP OF A CAT!!!!

anywhoski… and now for the answer to a question no one ever asked: what would that very same scene look like if everyone and everything were eaten by a void of bluey blueness, cept for Ms Hotness, Nuala/Stewart?????



We Want To Go Where The Rainbow Ends

remember this hottie mcgee supreme that tried to tag-team a non-interested/totally gay Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut that we boasted about back in the ’06 [see bottom of post for butter pics]

all we knew about her was that her name was Stewart Thorndike and that we totally have to mother her children. well after fo ages with nada nunca news about her, our belovededed Google Alerts finally came thru the looking glass! turns out she’s alive and well, a recent NYU film school grad, and that her full name is Megan Stewart Thorndike (although like Night Shaayalalamamadingdong, she goes by M. Stewart Thorndike), and we know this cause she’s holding a giant check from TimeLife for winning their 2008 Young Filmmakers Challenge


we dug up a few thangs M. Night Thorndike has worked on that you won’t find on IMDbsweeney…

‘John’s Polka’, a Converse shoe spot she shot
Tess and Nana, her graduate thesis film
People Are Children, co-director
Turning, co-director
4am, Friday, she starred in the short film
Team Queen, grip/gaffer
Shock Art, boom operator

we wish u much success in the future, cause that’ll mean more new pics of you (with or without giants checks)!! as always, we’ll be keeping our Eyes and Thighs wide open for you Thorny!

we now return to the usual poop…

NBC greenlights an an Office spin-off. Hopefully it won’t involve the very unfunny BJ Novak

Trainspotting jail bait NSFW babe gives birth to a son… sadly, it’s not ours

a Wyld Stallions reunion? [Defamer]

Bjork lives where the wild things are

we wanna take a bite outta Lena Fujii’s apple

new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko Maxim UK

Stephen Colbert giving Jon Stewart the reach around [NSFW]


floppy disk man bag

Djoef op u bakkes



Report To The Principles Orifice

Thursday 9-10pm EST, the reason why dual tuner DVRs and TiVos were invented, hispecially for that key demographic of 23-33 aging hipsters who probably watch boths The Office, My Name Is, and The OCk!!! Will the hotness ever turn notness? Doubt it, herpecially with plenty of jail bait shop Skeet matz via Willa, and guest spots from the White Shadow as Michael Scott’s former boss, and the coach from The Wonder Years and dr from China Beach (same person) who did some dirty bidness with Sandy Cohen and his shitty LA Lender’s bagels.

In our ear en revue of Moovies ’05, I neglected to add the trailer for 2046 to the Trailers That Got Me Mo Jazzed Than Jazzercise list! Zhang, bang, thang you mang!

I had no websites up and going in 1999, had if I did, I woulda had ALL THREE spots for Eyes Wide Shut [one, two, three] on the Trailers That Got Me Mo Jazzed Than Jazzercise list of 1999, but the list woulda been called something else, and I didn’t have a list or internets site cause I was scared of the Y2K bug, although it shoulda been a Y2K and 1 bug, cause 2001 was the actual start of the new willennium, not 2000 you stoopid idjiots who probably didn’t think about things like that and were too busy trying to party like it was 1999, although 1998 was by far my mos flavorite year of balls time. I mean, Air dropped Moon Safari in late January of that year and change my French hating life for ever. Wee wee moinsir au bu pain in the neck!! And speaking of EWS and 1999 and not having a site of webs… had I had fore-sight and had a site-four then Stewart Thorndike probably would have been not only the 1st Her Royal Tryness, but also the first Non Us Hottie, which some claims with clams that it is a more bigger honor and gentle! Who is shes? She and some other girl in EWS were trying to bone Tom Cruise ‘where the rainbow ends‘ (watch clip 2 to hear her speak!), but he’s gay and a Dianetics couch stress tester so he couldn’t be bothered. Well, he missles out cause Thorbest is more cuterified/shag munch a carpet riffic than Coyle, Portman, Knightley, Moss, and Mulligan turbo-combine D! Too badski she’s been in nothing next to nothing and the google alert I set up in her good name ‘ears ago has netted more zero than NETZERO!! Anyone know anythimg about Stewart Thorndike, who isn’t a man, but may not even eggsist, besides being super hot? This is morest importanter than finding the whereabouts of Dole Fruit Pop, Dirty Ho, Fly Girl, and Deborah Foreman. Please contact us at 1-900-THI-GHS-Z and leave me your SSN, ISBN, and TURK182s. In the meantime, here’s the singlest largest photo image pictures collection of Stewart Thorndike on the webs. (and don’t even bother hovering yer cursor over each pic, I’m too sleepy to right slutty comments.)

First weekend without football in a wheel a while.
Best not to think about it.


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