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Simon Bird’s Birds

The Inbetweeners is the best British comedy you’ve either never heard of or are simply not watching.  Season 3 begins tonight (across the pond) and we’re practically foaming at the mouth with excitement.  we’re also foaming in the pants peeping these FHM snaps of the lovely ‘tweener ladies, [below, right to left] Emily Head, Emily Atack, and new addition/ex-Hollyoaks mega-babe Hannah Tointon!!!!!

[via Da Mail]

oh Hannnahhhh!!!!!!

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Holly Smokes!

we still have no clue if the UK’s trashy soapy soap trash opera Hollyoaks makes for good TV or not (it airs here on BBC America), but we is certainly not questioning the JOability of the show’s bitties

[the rest of the 2008 BABES calendar be here
although we is partial/Marshall to their 2007 edish!]

and this is for you lizadies out there

[the rest of the 2008 HUNKS calendar here]


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