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Stand By Three

Good Boys
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This past week I delved into nostalgia, and was blessed to see not one, but TWO beloved Corey Feldman movies IN an actual theater – Stand By Me + The Goonies.  I am happy report that they both hold up, and make me question why such young teen coming of age movies like those don’t exist today (Stranger Things doesn’t count, cause it’s not as great as you think it is.  watch Stand By Me and The Goonies again and you’re basically watching Stranger Things, but like 9319391403912903120391239 zillion times better)

Weeks back I had seen the trailer to Good Boys and said, hey, kids cussing and playing with sex toys that they have no idea are sexual in nature – this may work!  And it’s got the kid from Last Man On Earth and the kid from Room!

Now I’m not saying Good Boys is a modern day Stand By Me or Goonies, but I cared for these 3 kids, their relationships with one another, the adventure they endure, and I enjoyed their cussing and playing with sex toys, even though have no idea that they’re sexual in nature!

It’s basically a younger, more innocent, more funny Superbad

Super good if you ask me!

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Boys are damn Good at a theater near jews and white nationalists 

also, these two 5ever please!!

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…


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