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Who Wore It Breast?

1/8th Visible Boobs are the new side boobs

if you watched the 2013 Golden Snoozes, you already know this.  so, who’s boobs from the globes were 1/8th visible boobs the bestest – aka – Who Wore It Breast?

Jessica Chastain?


Kate Hudson?

gg kate hudson

Eva Longoria?


Katharine McPhee?


Claire Danes?


Amy Poehler?



1/8th Visible Boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linners & Wosers

and the biggest losers are…

The always lame Golden Globes
which were lamer this year than Jorge Camara’s dyed mustache

The Cowgirls
who lost by way of fake Yoko Romo

whomever Gary Allan is
who stole Johnny Drama’s face

this Aussie dude
who may lose his arm
for waving at some chicks

and the biggest winner?

Andrew Aitken Rooney
who may be bangin Amanda Bynes
@ age 89s

previously on Andy’s b-day:
Still Gr8 @ 88
Spank Heaven For Age 87
Still A Prick @ 86

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The MosWhorridifuliciouslistic Hairdo In The World

If you go around looking like this again my dear Thighness, I may have to expel you from Thighland for good!! It almost happened when you dyed yer hair, but I cut you some slack cause you have one sweet rack & rear view. So I beg of you, don’t force me to fly Falkor so I’s can gets my Mischa Bart-ON!!!

this is almost as bad as that bizzzzzzatch on 24's do

Mucho a grassy-a$$es to Golden DisSpencer for dispensing this pic in my general direction. Also, thanks to Mr For Hire for pointing me/us to the perky Teri Polo Playboy snaps and to the fact that there’s gonna be a Borat movie AND hack director Todd Phillips is out of the picture… literally! And for an added bonus, here’s the finestestest pic [via The Drunk Step Pa] of Her FUTURE Royal Thighness the III from the GGs. Is there anyone more perrrfect than her besides my mumsy? I juss wanna give lil kisses to every lil freckle on her lil nose (Barton’s, not my mum’s)!

i may not be rich or uber-hot, but i do own a sheetload of 80s NFL sweaters!!


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