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didn’t realize the most beautiful sweatshirts in the world have been in existence for decades. I need them all!!!

belated blessings to the fine folks of Frito-Lay and Irish Eyes, Inc of Desoto, Texas for making this happen


He Loves These Cans!!!!

In 1997, PepsiCo tested selling canned snacks in vending machines. The canned snacks – Doritos, Rold Gold Pretzel, Fritos and Cheetos – were distributed in vending machines in Kansas City, Indianapolis, St Louis, Seattle, Des Moines and Birmingham, Alabama.  Vending machines were not altered to accommodate the canned snacks, which were delivered to the customer at the same temperature as the beverages displayed in the machines. In Kansas City, the snacks were sold for 75¢, the same price as the soft drinks being vended

Sadly, this idea never advanced past the testing stage. Wish it did cause the world would be a better place if Fritos came in a can

PepsiCo tests canned snacks [Packaging World]

From Vending Machines, Chips in a Can [New York Times]


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