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200 km/h In The Wrong Movie

here lies the first pseudo-trailer for Finding t.A.T.u., that movie where Falkor’s sister totally lezzies it up to the sweet sweet sounds of t.A.T.u., which may end up being the fifth greatestist thing that the Russians hath given us behind Tetris, dressing, nesting dolls & Yakov Smirnoff

mo shiz on the movie can b found here


Make No Mistake By This Lake

finally, there’s a reason to visit Cleveland!
(well, other than for buying cases of stadium mustard)

the Christmas Story house

restored to its filmtastic glory

Jake Gyllenhaal to kiss Suzy Kolber?

I aint no Trekkie, but this might go down as one of the mos on-pointestist casting calls of balls thyme

Falkor’s Sister lesbian dancing on the set of the t.A.T.u. flick and a big fan of fruit-roll up dresses

The 2nd Ave Deli hated old people, and apparently still hates the idea of being open for bidness

Warhol vs Bansky

who wouldn’t want to go Downes on Katie? [NSFW]

André Gower digs up sum mo Monster Squad deleted scenes that didn’t make it onto the recent DVD set

speaking on DVDs, why the hell was I not alerted about the Voyagers! box set? Don’t know what I’m talkin about? It’s a show like Quantum Leap, cept less lame and less Bakulariffic. Breast In Peace Jon-Erik Hexum!!

to hell with the Alamo, cause you should never forget when Bea Arthur & Star Wars joined forces for the first and last thyme

also, never forget the Big Johnson t-shirt craze

finestestest way to waste 13 minutes: Google Image search the TWS dot WHOREg

is it football season yet? for this Redskins fan, he never has to ask such a question [Roachclip]

If I could captain one boat, it would be De Pannenkoekenboot (for you idjiots who can’t finger it out tis a Pancake Boat!!) [Ad Mich]

Rygar glitches

it’s no Red Sauce on Pasta, but it’ll do

[Wrestle wit Jimmy, which is kinda NSFW]

and if for those still knot in the knows, The Flight of the Conchords are truly the kneessszz beeszzz. While Tenacious D are kinda funny, these Kiwis are kinda the fourth bestest comedic musical group mt EVERest, behind Weird Al, Spinal Tap and the unintentionally hilariousnessness of Rockapella. Anywho, in anticipation of a full album due out on Sub Pop in the ’08, a small lil 6 song EP was released today called The Distant Future. It includes studio versions of ‘Business Time‘, ‘If You’re Into It‘ & ‘Not Crying‘ + live rendishes of ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room‘ & ‘Robots‘. A muss have for any Conchords fan (I hear Mel camped out for 8 months), cause even without the videos, the songs shine on their own when you juss focus on the music


Merry Effin 3rd of July!

hows cums none of yous told me about this mon-pubis-e-mental moment in gaming?

V is back!

first pics of Falkor’s sister, aka Mushka Barfon, on the set of Lezzing Out To Faux Russian Lezzie Muzik + bonus vid

Kwik-E-Marts, fo realsies!!!

Harrison rides Shia

to DI for: David Brent & Gareth Keenan tackle
‘Free Love on the Freelove Highway’, LIVE!!!

Lily Allen is a hotter Amy Wine-whore

MTV’s Julie Brown, not of the downtown variety, is still alive!

Pinder’s boobies on display again [NSFW]

Jack White, spear chucker

Diora Baird’s next two flix are in the cans

Jodie Sweetin hearts pink tacos

Hayden Panettiere is Gonna Be Trouble

Bonnie Wright, still cloudin my brain, in all the wrong ways

Judge: Lap Dances Protected By Constitution

Pre-shmear mag’s 25 Most Dangerous Movies

Stop Crying And Say ‘Cheese’

Why is there braille on drive-up teller machines?

Federal Reserve System comic books!

Mr T Presto Magix

Где мы были, вам не скажем, а что делали, покажем… (часть 1) & Где мы были, вам не скажем, а что делали, покажем… (часть 2), aka effin crazy LEGOS!!!

Man Accused Of Stripping Nude In Hair Salon

Konami’s secret bestest game with the word ‘poo’ in it? POOYAN!!


Tokyo Drift: You Can’t Do It In A Barbie Car [YTMNDawg]

and before we vincent chase our van goghs…

tis curtains fo
Belle Miriam Silverman
the hills aint no longer alive
wit da sound of
Beverly Sills

1929 – 2007


The Farmer In O’Dell

Our mos flavorite MBILF (mother to be that I’d like to f$%k) cannot be stopped and is probably the mos hottiest and only JOingest thang to ever grace Preggers Magazine

[more hot MBILF pics]

sneak a peek at the making of the new Streets album, which will include the use of live instruments!

Yes Way to Kurt Vonnegut Way!

Falkor’s sister slips nip, again

Beastie Boys’ vid for new ditty ‘Off the Grid’ may signal that their new album will be off the meat AND coat rack!

The Glass House and The Farnsworth House, Windex’ wet dreams

The 10 Greatest Completely Insane Television Shows Of All Time

Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks

Ansel Adams and the (Brunette) Gyros Girl

Let Is Cosby

and frynally, Ill Mitch, in episodic form!



Noah’s bArk

Noah built an Ark to save his family and the world’s dopest animals from the oncoming Great Flood. So I got to wondering who Joakim Noah would build an ark for

considering his family tree consists of super freaky looking humans, animals, and fictional entertainers (sea below). None of these relations can be proven in court or on the basketball court, but this shiz aint no phyla, this shiz is gen(i)us! Roll the ugliness!!

raker of moons

Carter coached
Rick Gonzalez

no Yankee hunter, but any kind o’

the out of sync stylings of
Milli Vanilli
(including the bones of Rob Pilatus)

conclusion jumper
Richard Riehle

man of a thousand OOGly faces
Michael Jackson

Bros Mario geist

Mischa & Falkor Barton

Eagle Eye & Neneh Cherry

hairy half-caf mulatto duo

plague-infested enemy of
Gibson Rickenbacker from Cyborg

rocky roader

the always eating tunafish lips of
Kyra Sedgwick

poorman’s Chewbacca
Ookla The Mok

not so young cannibal
Roland Gift

terror dogs
Vinz Clortho & Zuul

the manly men of

world’s mos ugly and deceased dog

how could one leave out

the patriarch of all this poopedness

addish-anal repooping by MMM & Mans de Glue

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