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Alexandra DeLarge


Rooney Mara on portraying Alex from A Clockwork Orange: ‘There is something off about Alex, something slightly androgynous and something much more fascinating and complex than simply a ‘villain.’ I also knew it would save me time in hair and makeup with only having to apply one fake eyelash

via NY Times’ Touch of Evil thing



Candy With Strangers

there is nothing boo about Halloween, well, cept for boobs!!

lady Droog costumes automatically = sexiest costumes, always & all ways

marry we

what’s your favorite candy?  ours be Starbursts, Now & Laters, Laffy Taffy and anything made by See’s 

for some reason, our mumsy was a big fan of Clark Bars.  she always bought em (+ other candies) to give away to trick or treaters, and the kids usually passed on them, which meant our household was stuck with Clark Bars for eons

damn you Clark Bars!!!!!  love you mumsy!!!!


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