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Unalienable Rights & Lefts

stickers from the 80s [Nipsy Newbsy]

Sacha Baron Cohen as Sherlock Holmes and Will Ferrell as Watson shirley sounds like a good idea, but it’s produced by Judd Apatow, so it’s guaranteed to be 30 minutes too long and not really all that funny

could end up being the greatestestistest cartoon mt EVERest: John Oates and his mustache [Pakula Shaker]

fresh pics of the new 90210‘s new PEACH PIT, although no sign of Joe E Tatatatatata

we still digby Emma Rigby

Camilla Belle and Sharapova serve up some hotness

Conchords manager Murray is ‘present’ in the new Roger Federerererer Nike ad [C-net]

sprekin of Nike, they’ve finally sorta made a limited run of the Air McFly shoes from Back To The Future II (already up for bid on eBay for those who didn’t camp out and have Kobe Bryant deliver them in a DeLorean), although our boys over at the McFly 2015 Project aint satisfied, and we’re sure Ali G isn’t either, as the hoverboard still hasn’t been invented, yet

what, no love for our From Russia With Subs for this Nearly 50 Movie Remakes and Sequels So Bad They Wouldn’t Even Go Straight to DVD post? [Levitticus]

crazy insane graffiti art video thing thing [Navi The Terrible Bowler]

NYC dunn up in Legos [Fun]

a Canuck we’d all love to f%ck

vote Zee

by a show of hands

Lee Iacocca’s Butter Snatchâ„¢


Lucy Pinder makes our ice cream and wet dreams cum tru [NSFW]

merry effin Indy Pen Dance day to one and all!


The Things

we’re done thinking on Monday AMs
but we still love things in groups of ten
so here are ten… things!

1) we’ve been waiting fo ages to see what Elisha Cuthbert’s sister Lee Ann looks like

and now that the waiting is over, all we can say is fUGG! belated related: merry 25th b-day to Cuthbest! here’s 24 images you can fap to from last year!

2) the tribute to Sean Taylor that the Skins and their fans put on yesterday was eggszactly what it needed to be. the outcome of the game was not. how do you lose 5 games after leading at halftime in one year ? we wish it was the straw the banged the camel’s a$$, but since the NFC purty much blows, dem Skins are STILL in the playoff hunt. pee es – FU to you money makers out there

3) cark your malendars: the extra special Extras series finale airs 12/16 on HBO

4) we just lost our perma-boner for Camilla Belle

5) who wouldn’t want to take a dump in Danger Mouse’s recording booth/bathroom?

6) never forget: RateMyPoo.com

7) a fan of Gossip Girl, aka the show that’s 283283 times better than The OC cause stuff actually happens? then we know your reading NY Mag‘s weekly deli-licious round up of Xs, Os and no-nos

8) JO matz for all you fan boys out there

9) some chick pouring milk on her bynormus bazongies [NSFW]

10) many years have passedt, but still, no other porn has topped the name and poster of…


Arthur Digby Sellers & Buyers

Lebowski Fest LA gathers the creme de la crap this year in terms of special guest stars, including, but not limited to Marty the Landlord, the dude who owns the Corvette and the real little Larry (pic above)!?

This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!
This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!

but will the Lebowski Fest be outdone by the inaugural Office Convention being held later this month in Scranton, PA? [PradaShopNYC]

Oasis/Blur feud officially ends

Keds/Mischa Barton lovefest officially continues

Mel Gibson’s tenure as chief jerkass officially to never end!

Moby’s cooler than you

hate you some touchdown Jesus loving shizzle in the NFL? Blame Herb Lusk

a Pablo Escobar film without the talents of Billy Walsh or Vincent Chase

Tori Spelling is a Pussy-dog faced yuck bag

Jason Takes Aresnio

vote early and often for ‘a bunch of flizm flazm

Harvard Scientists Build a Device to Smoke Weed During Brain Scan [Ceffie]

The Top Ten Strange and Unusual Japanese Chewing Gums

39 Flight of the Conchords icons

the oilyistest butt you’ll see all day [NSFW]

Bacon Apple Pie

Mario loves laying pipe, and you love smoking from one. Finally, the two have merged [PakulaShaker]

помогите разобраться люди, methinks that’s Russian for slutty old hag who has trouble hiding her areola

death from dragons fucking cars

and while we missed out on birthday kugs and hisses for the bestest set of spicy Italian NSFW tatties nick goings, we would never forget about extending 20th b-day wishes and extending our penis to Her Former Royal Thighness, Camilla Belle


Three’s A Crowd… PLEASER!

Remember Thighs Wide Year 1? We hadn’t the slightest idea as to what the fridge we were frazzen. Year 2 wasn’t much different, cept our penis outgrew our ego by something like 20 inches. And so here we here, Year 3. A lot has changed. We’ve gottsen lazyierer. You blame YouTube. I blame Valerie Plame. But lettuce not play the Plame game. Lettuce ketchup on all the poop that’s worth re-pooping!!!

Thighs Wide Herstory

March 8 РTony! Toni! Ton̩!, we did it again! Another year, another recap, another hit with people googling for weird shit

March 17-20we hit up the Emerald Isle, and it hits back!

March 27Borat movie gets a release date. We say, ‘Here’s hoping everyone’s flavorite Kazakhstani flushes away the (in)competition‘. Who knew that it actually would?

March 30Alabama Leprechaun fever hits an all time high!

April 20we make our first of 3712873712 Lily Allen mentions. And yes, we still claim that we invented her US career dammint! And yes, wer still want to make love to her myspace background! Four days later, we’re offically in love her music and everything chav!

April 21I get to inderectly ask Sasha Cohen a question

April 26We meet Kurt Vonnegut, celebrate with non-related mp3

May 3Gawker unintentionally rips and pisses us off

May 5Peabs returns from his self-imposed exile to give us his indepth take on his Coachella trip, which includes some ye olde fisting of Cesar Chavez with a buckle full of table grapes and a head full of bad memories. Obvs.

May 7the Thinker returns from his self-imposed exile to report on the disaster that was the Public Enemy & Ice-T concert

May 22 – we go batty and post, not only a ton o links, but a ton o vids and mp3s from our formative years

June 1The Fap Five revolution is born

June 7Brooklyn Vegan, behind the Beard & Mustache Championship website, is outted as our mos flavorite website

June 12Gorrila Mask frynally gives some Thigh love (see Problem Child)

June 15our love of Radiohead ends

June 19The Gum & Grambo get EW props, Grambs give props to us, yet our Thighs are too sweaty for print

June 21 – blogging indirectly reunites me with the girl/thighness who’s more adorablerer than early 90s Winona Ryder, and on the same day, Portugal beats Mexico in the World Cup, deciding once and for all, who is the greatestist country in the world, and we return from Aruba, without Natalee

July 2we break our long silence on Lohag

July 10 – onZidane’s headbutt aninated gif madness begins and never truly ends

July 19 – Pat O’Brien’s honeybunch Betsy, as in ‘Betsy’s so jealous’, has a blog and we open it up to the worldand it closes shop 12 days later

July 25 – we see right thru the lameness that is Little Miss Sunshine, the rest of America choozses not to listen. On the same day, Fleshbot gives us some mornin wood!

July 31Mel Gibson is a big idjiot day!

August 1 – After our lackluster visit to the Football HOF in Canton, we decide to rank all the HOFs we’ve been to

August 4 – 6we (sorta) hit up Lollapalooza

August 10 – Although Royal Thighnesship interest is at an all time low, we hint at who’s next in line

August 14 – we return to the birthplace of the corn pic

August 21 – yes, we are 400% gay for Chris Isaak

August 23 – our head and our penis’ head almost explode taking in The Quiet, which stars both Cuthbest and Camilla Bellebest

August 24 – fittingly, our mos flavorite TV show of balls thyme, Twin Peaks, becomes the subject of our very first themed fap Thursday

September 8football season finally arrives and we correctly predict that the Colts would win the Super Bowl. Take that Dr Z!

September 20 – we hit 3 mil in visitors

September 26 – Aaron Sorkin’s new show blows, and don’t we know it!

October 10Lily Allen and the Thigh Master, in one room!

October 16 – the weight is frynally over as we post the The Most/Best – Ghetto/Ass – crazy/beautiful – Local Commercial Ever up on YouTube

October 20 – 22Bloomington, IN’s fart intake goes up by 373782397%

November 1 – Ozzie Smith is named our mos flavorite St Lunatic of balls thyme

November 13 – praise Jeebus as Joe Gibbs benches Mark Brunell!!!!

November 14 – 17the biggest Don onSlaught on Bond Girls mt EVERest

November 30Cuthbest turns 24

December 12Wii rules the day

December 15our female mascot fetish attracts the attention of Deadspin

December 20Underdog movie news prompts us to use toon versh for our background pic, which sadly forked up our system and every post prior to it is now stuck with said bckgnd image

December 28 – Fiery F-er, Matthew Friedberger tops our ’06 music thingamajig!

December 28 – we finally interviews someone! And not juss someone, but LILY FORKIN ALLEN!!

January 3In Oder Aus for the ‘007 drops. In all honesty, this is one of our mos flavorite things to drop besides deuces!!

January 14Chargers die, Andy Rooney doesn’t

January 22Lynch, what the f%ck was that?

January 25Falkor’s little sister turns 21

January 31The Devil & Daniel Johnston is our #1 pick for breastest flick of the ‘006 + many other goodies!

February 9 – in one of the mos quietestest dethrownings, we bid adieu to year-shlong reign of Camilla Belle and hola to Her Royal Thighness The VIII, Leonor Ceballos Watling

February 14the Thighmistress survives V-day at White Castle!

February 26we hit 4 million visitors AND we get to touch a dildo! but not at the same time

March 2 – 4my a$$ re-enters the state of Indiana. Sadly for everyone else, so do my farts

March 8 – Thighs Wide Shut turns 3 and you don’t

Oh Snap…ples!!

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On the menu today: horse penis and testicles with a chilli dip

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And bloGOD said let there be Lily Allen

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Mélissa Theuriau

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HAI2U!!!1 :)

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we rank the Bond Themes!

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Stick Me In The Punitentiary

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