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Whoomp Chak A Laka Chack A Laka Chak A Laka Chak A (repeat 4 times NEVER!!!)

from the whhhhhhhhhhaaaat files:

Addams Family + Tag Team = ‘Addams Family (Whoomp!)’ ??????????????????????????????

yeah, we all knew that MC Hammer got his groove on with the Fam, but nobody whoomped to the above trick!!!!! you can WHOOMP the people once, but you can’t do it twice.  WHOOMP, THERE IT WASN’T!!!


from Carter Burwell, the Coen’s go to composer, comes whatever this was from Psycho III

Burwell provides his own notes on scoring the film and working with director/star Anthony Perkins

side note: Psycho III‘s Jeff Fahey refused to go full on nude for one scene, so he covered his bits with lamps.  yes, LAMPS!!!  [WATCH, but kinda sorta NSFWish]


and while we’re talkin mussssic, FOR ONCE…

this AXE ad is nice and saucy and spray-y and whatevs


DID YOU HEAR THAT ANGELIC CHORAL/ORCHESTRAL VERSION OFAIR’S ‘SEXY BOY’??????? – EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: download empee3 of the Fallen Angels’ cover ofSexy Boy‘!!!

EXCLUSIVE: WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and so does Fahey and his hot lamps!

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Addams Family Invaluables

FACT: The Addams Family pinball game is the best selling pinball machine of all thyme. it’s also simply the bestest. but you already know this, rightums?

2nd places goes to Haunted House & 3rd to Baby Pac Man, neither of which can be found at the spot of fun in NH

+ Addams Family Pinball Restoration

+ The Mamushka!!!


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