Oscillate Yourself Tonight

Barclays Center
October 13

If I had a pocket full of endless money, I would just keep throwing it at Damon Albarn and force him to keep coming up with new music, in whatever form he chooses, and then tour it, and I’d be there every fcuking time.  I basically have.  OK, so I was late to the Blur express, but ever since I brought Damon into my ears, my modern life has been as far from rubbish as possible!

I’ve seen him solo once (with two brothers Graham)

Got to see him as The Good, The Bad & The Queen (what a dumb name for such an awesome side project)

I’ve seen Blur 4 times (the Hyde Park show being the mostest!)

And now I’ve see 6 Gorillaz shows (like a child, you can’t pick a favorite, so I won’t – they are all a BLESSING TO SEE AND HEAR!!)

This means I’ve seen Damon Albarn in some form play a concert 12 times, which means I’ve seen him perform in concert more than any other human on earth (besides my mom singing Bob Marley songs).  This means I love Damon Albarn above all others.  And I would say that is accurate.  No matter how much I LIVE for the Beatles and their living members, I’m all for Damon or bust.

Damon is THE best.  He always brings it.  I’m glad he’s found a way to be successful in America.  Guess most Yanks aren’t into cockney word play.  Their loss.  But really my loss.  If Blur were big over here, they would play here all the time, instead of barely selling out MSG.  Whatevs.  Come here with them, without them, with De La Soul, with Gay La Bowl, whoever.  If you played with a pack of wild dogs, it would be amazing, and I would be there, for you and for me!

Damon, I am in awe of you.  Some people love and worship Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.  That’s great!  Let those people bow that way, and I’ll bow towards something much more wow, and now now – you Damon Albarn.  Bless your fcuking heart mate!

Setlist – M1 A1 / Tranz / Last Living Souls / Rhinestone Eyes / Saturnz Barz / Tomorrow Comes Today / Every Planet We Reach Is Dead / 19-2000 / Humility / Superfast Jellyfish (with De La Soul) / On Melancholy Hill / El Mañana / Fire Flies / Strobelite (with Peven Everett) / Interlude: Elevator Going Up / Andromeda / Hollywood (with Jamie Principle) / Dirty Harry (with Bootie Brown) / Feel Good Inc (with De La Soul) / Souk Eye / Plastic Beach

Encore – Lake Zurich / Latin Simone / Kids With Guns / Stylo (with Mos Def and Peven Everett) / Clint Eastwood / Don’t Get Lost in Heaven / Demon Days


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