New Zealand Homemade Dynamite

Barclays Center
April 4

Praise be Lorde.  Praise be we who bask in her brilliance.  Two albums deep, with the latest somehow surpassing her supreme debut.  My second-ish time seeing her, and she easily topped the previous outing.  How do you do it Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor?  You’re wise beyond your ears.  All the pop princesses of your age are so, but not you.  You seem like you are forever.  You seem like you could even front Nirvana (oh wait, YOU DID!! AND I WAS THERE TO WITNESS SUCH AWESOMENESS!).  How do you let things come out of the woodwork, and make them work so well?  May you only get green lights in life, and have no red ones to stop you

Setlist – Sober / Homemade Dynamite / Tennis Court / Magnets (Disclosure cover) / Buzzcut Season / 400 Lux / Ribs / The Louvre / Hard Feelings / Yellow Flicker Beat / Writer in the Dark / New York > Hard Feelings (St. Vincent cover with Jack Antonoff) / Liability (with Jack Antonoff) / Sober II (Melodrama) / Supercut / Royals / Perfect Places / Green Light

Encore - Loveless / Precious Metals / Team

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