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Lily Allen
Terminal 5
September 23th

lily allen terminal 5

I invented Lily Allen’s American career. Not really, but I sorta kinda did. I guess when all is said and done for TWS, the helping of Lily Allen hype in America will go down as one of this site’s greatest accomplishments, besides endless horrible puns & photochops

Well, a lot has changed for her and I, since I last saw her perform in 2006/2007. I see WAY less movies and got a little less gay by getting married, and she became a mother, and her music somehow got dumber and less awesome. I gave her latest – Sheezus – numerous spins before seeing her in concert for the first time in 7 years, and besides a couple of choice cuts, I wish I could unspin it. Generic beats mixed with lyrics trying too hard to be… hard = a recipe for lameness. How could the girl who once wrote & sang such cute tracks about doing things and stuff release new stuff of such ill repute? Dunno, but the new songs sounded less awful in concert than they did at home, but what they really did is highlight how great her earlier work is be, although the song ‘Fuck You’ is still a giant heaping pile of sh!t. Maybe the writing was on the wall of things to come with that song. Lily, stop fronting, and get back to where we once were – when 2006 was so our year, and the future seemed limitless, instead of limiting. Maybe the same is true of me and TWS, but what do I know?


Sheezus / Not Fair / LDN / As Long as I Got You / Our Time / Everyone’s At It / The Worst (Jhené Aiko cover) / URL Badman / Bass Like Home / Smile / Life for Me / Littlest Things / Miserable Without Your Love / The Fear / 22 / L8 CMMR / Who’d Have Known / Fuck You

Encore – Encore Or Nah (Ty Dolla $ign cover) / Hard Out Here

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