To The Wonder

Global Citizen Festival
Great Lawn – Central Park 
September 28th

stevie citizen

Everyone hates poverty.  There’s an organization set up to end it by 2112 or something.  I hope they do.  As an incentive to get others motivated to do the same, they dangle the carrot of free tickets to an awesome concert if you sign some petitions and what not.  BLAMMMM-O.  This is exactly what got me motivated to end poverty AND see Stevie Wonder in Central Park, FO FREE!!!  YESSSSSSS!!!!  Heck, I’d agree to end poverty by signing petitions even if the only thing they were handing out was/is free fried chicken skin!!!

But the concert wasn’t juss Stevie.  There was John Mayor and Queens of Neon and Elvis Costello playing some poopy song for a second, and that Janette Maynoisse girl came in and dropped some tunes, and there was Alicia Keys too, who we REALLY wanted to see, but only heard her, as it took about 9 hours to walk thru a maze of fences to get into the event.  No REAL gripes here – as the show was free, and for a good cause, although we could have done without the speeches, but free is free and poverty BLOWS!!!

Anywho, this show was really all about Stevie.  You MUSSSSSSSS see Stevie Wonder in concert.  MUSTTTT.  This was our third time with lil big Stevie (Jones Beach in 2008 + the crazy duet madness at The 25th Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concerts – Night 1 in 2009), and we are prepared to see him 33 more times.  An ageless… wonder, who is juss purely… wonder…ful, and full of life, and love, and songs that will be with us 17ever, even when man orbits Uranus!  Bless you Stevie.  BLESS YOU.  TAKE MY EYES, CAUSE YOU ALREADY OWN MY EARS!!!

Stevie Setlist –  How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) (Marvin Gaye cover) / Master Blaster (Jammin’) / Higher Ground (with Janelle Monáe) / Sir Duke /Day Tripper (The Beatles cover) / Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) / My Cherie Amour / Living for the City / Imagine (John Lennon cover) / Superstition / Isn’t She Lovely (with Maxwell) / Do I Do / I Just Called to Say I Love You

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