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The Sessions
The Oy’s of Sex
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Mark O’Brien was a real person.  He was a poet who had polio, so he didn’t get around much, but he still lived a full life, with words & wonderful people around him.  So much so that he’s been the subject of two films – one, an Academy Award winning documentary short about him & his work & his struggles [WATCH!] & the other, a new fictionalish flick about ending his virginity!  Sounds stupid & cheesy, but this new one screams Oscar (nominations, at least), but it screams it in a good way that’s neither stupid or cheesy!

Ben Lewin‘s The Sessions is a perfect film because there’s not a single thing wrong with it, cept that it may bring you to tears, cause it brought us to tears, cause we’re secretly a giant wuss.  John Hawkes plays Mark and he’s fantastic, and Helen Hunt plays the woman who helps Mark/John learn how to have sex and actually have sex (she’s not a prostitute cause she’s a sex surrogate), and she gets plenty nekkid and is also fantastic (beyond the old lady looking real fine nekkid bits), and then there’s William H. Macy as Mark/John’s friendly priest, who is friendly and pretty fantastic.  Oh, and Moon Bloodgood is in it too, and they try to make her ugly, BUT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!

The trailer to this film was awful.  The film was the opposite of awful.  SEE THISSSSSSSSS YOU ABLE-BODIED JERKS!!!!!!!  It will warm you heart.  And if it doesn’t, you either don’t have a heart, or are too busy being warmed elsewhere in your body by the sight of nekkid ole Helen Huntress hotness

Verdictgo: Breast In Show

The Sessions takes note in limited release

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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