Woody Rather?

before there was Jeff Daniels as Tom Baxter / Gil Shepherd in Woody’s brilliant but sad Purple Rose of Cairo

there was Michael Keaton as Tom Baxter / Gil Shepherd!!!!

The dual role of Tom Baxter/Gil Shepherd was originally cast with Michael Keaton, whose work Allen admired and who took a significant cut in salary for the privilege of working with Allen. But Allen eventually felt that, despite a strong performance, Keaton was too contemporary and hard to accept as a character living in the 1930s. After 10 days on the set, Keaton and Allen amicably parted company and Daniels was cast in the dual part of Shepherd /Baxter [text via TCM | Keaton pic via]

not exactly Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly, but still!!!

+ where The Purple Rose actually bloomed

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