Conjurer Job

(The Illusionist)

Hokey Pocus
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An old magician is seeing his audience disappear to a world gaga for rock stars.  He travels far and wide for work, wherever someone still wants to see a rabbit being pulled out of a hat.  At one of his stops, he captures the attention of a poor and feeble-minded housekeeper girl.  She believes the magic is real, and he in turn shows that nothing is up his sleeve to keep the illusion alive.  The two form a de facto father-daughter relationship, with daddy making material things magically appear out of nowhere for the girl’s benefit, but in reality, he has to take on odd jobs juss to pay for it all.  Ahhhhhh, how sweet.  Or so one would think, but there really is nothing up the sleeve here, juss one really irritating, basically silent cartoon that we’d rather soon forget.  Don’t care if this project grew from an unused Jacques Tati screenplay and was done up by the Triplets of Belleville dude (Sylvain Chomet), cause The Illusionist is a loser-fest (that girl made us want to slit our eyes AND wrists out!!!). Although we do give sum mild props for using 2-D animation, in the style of 101 Dalmatians & The AristoCats!

Use These Illusions Instead: either watch the Ed Norton flick or if yer strapped for time juss watch some ye olde Mickey Mouse magic

Verdictgo: Very Very Very Little Merit But No Stinkin Badges

Illusionist is snoozeisit in NY & LA only this Christmas, and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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