Vicki Lawrence of A Labia

crossover that should have never been crossed

and was over before it ever began

Jeopardy! meets Mama’s Family

someone please eggggsplain to us how Mama’s Family was a real show that people actually liked to watch, that was canceled by NBC after one season, then got resurrected, like Jesus and Lazarus and Crystal Pepsi, and lived fo four mo years in syndicated televisionland?? and despite how awful falafel we knews it to be, we still somehow watched over 30 episodes???? what’s up with that sh%t???? maybe it was the only thing on the telly while we waited, drool in hand and mouth and foot in mouth, for the latest episode of The New Gidget to air. THE NEW GIDGET!!!! boy o boyrdee did we wannnna catch a ride on Caryn Richman‘s wave!!!! total 80s MILF radness!!!!!

Lawrence Of A Labia

An e-mail has all the charm of a freight train
Andy Rooney

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