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Taking Woodstock
What A Long Not So Strange Trip It’s Been
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Woodstock was supposed to take place in Wallkill, New York, but shiz happened and so it couldn’t be held there anymo. Enter Elliot (née Teichberg) Tiber (Demetri Martin, being a little less crazy here than he is when gettin his booty on the floor with the Crazy Dogggz), who helps run his mom and pop’s (Imelda Staunton & Henry Goodman, laying the Jewishness on a bit too thick) rundown El Monaco Motel near Bethel, NY. Money was tight and their motel was in trouble of being shut down so enterprising Elliot, who was the president of the town’s Chamber of Commerce and had already secured a permit for his own local arts and music festival, takes Woodstock. Get it? The locals aren’t pleased, but the festival organizers, led by the male Lady Godiva with a vest Michael Lang (Jonathan Groff) are, especially with time running out and not many options left. Elliot’s original location idea wasn’t big enuff, so he turns to a local dairy farmer named Max Yasgur (Eugene Levy, in a role he was truly born to play), who has plenty of land to spare, and spankfully open to the idea. All the above and the additional steps leading up to the actual concert are brilliantly depicted in Ang Lee‘s look back, with usual scripting from partner James Schamus in tow

But when the show goes on, the movie practically loses all of it’s flower powers. As the music blares in the background, the focus stays on Elliot, with his family’s money troubles now evaporated, he starts to out his in the closet feelings, as well as explore some mind-melting drugs, but who friggin cares? It’s understandable not wanting to recreate stage performances already captured to a T in Michael Wadleigh‘s 1970 Academy Award winning doc, but if yer thirdish act lacks like Taking Woodstock‘s does (Emile Hirsch as a vet = meh, Liev Schreiber as a tranny = eh), don’t think anyone would complain if they let Jenna Maroney do her best/wurstest Janis Joplin impersonation/abortion. We are also denied the possible pleasure of seeing Levy as Yasgur, delivering his heartfelt speech on the main stage (then again, maybe that was in the movie and we missed it since we had to pee 2 times during our viewing). Come to think of it, they shoulda made a movie revolving around Yasgur. We mean, dude got effin name-checked in Joni Mitchell’s beyond classic eponymous track [empee3], and the more flamously cover version done up by CSN&Y [empee3]. What you got Tiber, besides a river in Italy that your probably renamed yerself after?

Earthlight Players With Herself Club: hottie Jennifer Merrill gets nekkid as an Eartlight Theater Player. luckily (thighlarious) troupe leader Dan Fogler didn’t

Verdictgo: Jeepers Somewhat Worth A Peepers

American Casino
The Bank Job
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America’s housing crash and current financial crisis is confusing stuffs. Believe us, it is! We hactually stopped reading any articles on it cause news like that doesn’t talk about boobs and the only thing we know about money is how to spend it on crap from our past that we re-want and can find on eBay. Well Leslie Cockburn and hubby Andrew do their best to bring us up to speed, doc style, with a mix of personal stories of foreclosures on people who probably shouldn’t have had a mortgage to begin with, to a bunch of talking heads talking about stuff that’ll be over mos people’s heads besides people who talk like those talking heads, but not the ones from the band that totally has to reunite before they are we die. Translation: there’s something here for both the the layman and texperts to sink their and our brains into. Casino may not be timeless, but you have to give it some credit crunch for being right on time

Wilde At Heart: the Cockburn’s daughter is none other than Houser/OCer/Tron Legacyer Olivia Wilde. tawk about a family with brains AND beauty!

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

Woodstock is currently slightly hitting the mark at theaters near jews, whilst Casino plays on house money in NY & SF only, and elsewhere elsewhen

and until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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