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Pitting Seann William Scott against John C. Reilly, as two assistant managers of a grocery store both desperately seeking a job promotion that will make them the manager of a new branch, sounds like a decent set-up for a flick where hilarity might indeed ensue. Such isn’t the case with The Promotion, screenwriter Steve Conrad(The Weather Man and The Pursuit of Happyness)’s directorial debut, where the chuckles are sparse and the tension is light, yet it still won us over with a subtle sensibility and a sirprizingly mannered performance from the guy best known for playing doofus extraordinaires, like Steven Stifler. Scott plays the straight man here, who appears to be a ‘shoo-in’ for the gig, until Reilly relocates from Canada and throws his hat into the mix. Scott steps up his game, but he really doesn’t have to as Reilly keeps shooting himself in the foot. At first he revels in Reilly’s mistakes, and then eventually begins to empathize with a man stuck in the similar situation of trying to make a better life for himself and his family (the wives are played by Jenna/Pam and Lili Taylor, who have little to do other than patting their men on the backs). Along with The Good Girl and One Hour Photo, The Promotion is a serviceable lil flick that fits in purrrfectly with the up and coming, yet non-existent, mini-genre of grocery store blues films. If you haven’t gone down those aisles yet, it may be time for you to check (them) out

Minor Leagues: The Promotion marks only the third role for bit actor Michael Kuster. Is other two roles? A Milwaukee Brewer in Mr 3000 and a Cleveland Indian in Major League

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

When Did You
Last See Your Father?

May 26th, But What Bidness Is It of Yours?
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Colin Firth’s father is on his death bed, so the lad decides to take a trip down memory lane, even if the past wasn’t exactly so memorable. Jim Boradbent plays the ailing daddy not so dearest (if he actually were his dad, he woulda been 11 when Colin was born), who definitely loved his son very much, but showed it in all the wrong ways (like embarrassing him in front a girl he’s trying to court at a summer resort, played by one of our mos flavorite cutie pie supremes, Carey Mulligan). By starting in the present and shuttling back and forth to the past, the story loses some of the sentimental steam it’s obviously trying to evoke, but it’s still far from blowing hot air. We juss think the patching up of their strained relationship woulda been more effective had the memoirs of Blake Morrison played out in chronological order. Like with The Promotion, Father is still a serviceable lil flick worth the peep… eggcept for on Father’s Day flubvs course

House Keep Her: you may recognize Elaine Cassidy, who plays the family housekeeper in Father, cause she was the mute housekeeper girl from The Others [vid]. She is a nice

Verdictgo: Jeepers Worth A Peepers

both films open today in limited release

Rental Round-Up Dawg:

Teeth has one of the greatestistst premises for a horror movie: a teenage girl is exploring her sexuality, but how’s it all gonna turn out when her vagina has TEETH?!??!?!??! The trailer goes one step further by selling the idea to a T(eeth). Too bad the movie can’t fully deliver cause the script and the acting are down and up right atrocious (and so are the chomped off penis bits). Nunthelessss, it’s kinda watchable cause Jess Weixler (below) is super hotttttt and so is this dirty old man [vid], who shoulda been given a special Oscar for his slurping noises

Here we is again with another looney tunes mgcee premise: a socially refarted man starts to break out of his shell when he starts dating a sex doll he ordered online. We’re sure you’ve already heard about Lars And The Real Girl, but juss in case you hadn’t, we thought you should be aware of it cause you need to see it to believes its like Cheez-Its. Ryan Gosling plays Lars and you know he plays it well cause Gosling is mad crazy good at playing mad crazy nia peoples and he’s sporting a mustache and stuff!

until next thyme the balcony is clothed…

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