Ten Things I Lynx I Lynx I Lynx Without An Atari Lynx

1) I lynx it’s time the Iggles part ways with Donovan McNabb. He gets injured every year and his back-ups always outshine him every time they get the chance to play. Had he played vs the Pats, melynx the score wouldn’t have been as close as it was. Other than that, it’s official, the Fins have been eliminated from the playoff picture. Wish the same was true about my Skins. I can’t deal with this stress week after weak. And yeah, I think it’s time for Joe to go. And yeah, please stop trying to kill Sean Taylor

2) I don’t lynx Mizzou will beat Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship, but if they do, then what could stop them from winning it all? I sure hope they do, and I’m sure alums Brad Pitt and my mother do as well

3) I lynx big bidness should suffer instead of us consumers. Two big F-Us go out to Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and the NFL Network/Cable companies

4) If a Chinese restaurant doesn’t serve sesame chicken, I lynx they shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves a Chinese restaurant

5) I lynx Showtime’s Californication [NSFW] may be the real reason why boobs were invented

6) I lynx (as well as my bowling nia peoples) that three spares in a row should be called a ‘cornish game hen’ instead of a ‘chicken’

7) It may not be best collection of Damon Albarn b-sides goings, but I lynx the Gorillaz new D-Sides disc is still better than no sides at all. Plus the disc with all the remixes is tres fab

8) I lynx this is the biggest no-brainer of the year: Flight of the Conchords were named the 2007 Wellingtonians of the Year

9) I lynx it’s every human’s duty to make the pilgrimage to Graceland, at least once in their lifetime

10) I lynx all the hot ladies on my Kwanzaa list are gonna get some Aqua Dots this year

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