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Blu-ray, HD DVD
Overtake VHS in Sales!

hopefully such a ‘feat’ won’t impact the future bestness that be Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind flick

above melted VHS tape image ganked from Solar Death Ray’s work on the classic Sweatin’ To The Oldies

and two of the zillion things that I really miss from the 80s:

those thumcredible plastic Warner Home Video VHS boxes

dat included that
yumcredible 70s
Warner Communications logo

you are now reentering the 21st century…

The New York Film Festival unleashes their entire line-up. So where do I line-up for tickets?

Getting high with Richard Branson

America’s second Wagamama opens

Norman Chad strikes back on his PTI buddies with the help of Nipsey Russell’s Ghost(?)

Mandy Moore is slowly turning into Jennifer Tilly

I am – Claire Danes is Boring and So Is Her Nipple of the Day [NSFW]

five Frank Lloyd Wright houses you can actually stay at: The Seth Peterson Cottage in Mirror Lake, Wisc, The Jacobs House in Madison, Wisc, The Bernard Schwartz House in Two Rivers Wisconsin, The Louis Penfield House in Willoughby Hills, Ohio & The Duncan House at Polymath Park Resort in Acme, PA

other Fletch book covers
with Chevy’s face

Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Gigli

The 50 Greatest Sex Scenes In Cinema

10 Shocking AIDS Ads from Around the World

gets my STAMPs of approval: Marvel Super Heroes

Foghorn Leghorn hearts KFC

Madden 2008 Is Out! But Where Are The Ambulances?

and before I head off to the gay beach for the tweakend, lemme be the first to welcome the second, maybe third, greaTITS pair of UK boobs headed for America: Jennifer Ellison’sez!!

[from her faptastic 2006 calendar]

pee es – if you see one movie this week, make it The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, which we lovingly peeped at this year’s TFF

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