Reading Rainbows& Beating Rain Hos

I’ll marry the first girl I see sportin this

Belated peace the fork out Senator/Comedian Lloyd Bentsen

Music to my ears/fears: a new Body Count CD, coming this summer, yo

Chloe moonlights, and still manages that Willie McGee somebody farted face look

Could this ragamuffin knock the GeeBees off the top spot of UK’s singles chart? Maybe so, but it won’t stop the Barks from rackin up a £10,248.23 bar tab in less than 2 hours

Apparently it’s safe to make 9/11ish jokes: Passengers Bravely Take Down Plane Showing Big Momma’s House 2

The longest Gregory Itzin/ex-Prez Logan article you’ll ever care to read

The Couch Slouch has some out-of-the-box choices for the next NFL commissioner

Mr Skin Exposed [Mr 4 Hires Root Beer]

Virginie Ledoyen, alive, and still hot, and sadly, still French

The AMMI’s gots a cheaper and less gay screening of the Strangers With Candy movie, avec Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello in person, but they may not be in character, although they’re both characters, with a lot of character [The Henry Scollins Band]

If life gives you kidney stones, make lemonade, or according to my myspace space page page, rent Leonard Part 6


Free Scanner Darkly/Winona animated porn passes

(not so) FASCINATING FACT 1539

Google FightBOO!! [Cruisespanko]

Super Mario Brothers On Ice, with Mr. Belvedere as King Koopa, and an introduction from Jason Bateman and Alyssa Milano

And please, parents, don’t let yer kids grow up to be bukkake lovers [SFW vis Germanic J]

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