Whatever You Want,Think Belmontß

Although CBSdotSportsline let loose their upset pick whilst unveiling the brackets


I see it a bit differently. Since I hate the Hoyas and they Saxa suck, I’m bettin the Astronaut’s farm on Dion and The Bruin Belmonts. Why? Cause you juss can’t stop a teenager in love

& your qwik pick Final Fourers are: Oregon, Kansas, UNC, and Memphis

& in an thighdeal world: MD, IU, GW, and Tennessee

an elephant donts forgets to: sign up for Tourney On Demand & 2008 Final Four tickets

ßthis won’t make sense to anyone who lived outside of the DC area in the 80s, and since no one has yet posted their les ghetto ad to YouTube, the best I can do is point you to the current Belmont sight

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