Gawd Bless El Grambo!

He’s slowing becoming as Lohan obsessed as I!!

And here’s the bra-less pictures to prove it:

casual Fridays pepperoni forever!!

And yep, Chris “Boring” Martin and Gwynnie “Pouty” Paltrow really did name their baby girl Apple. By the time the lil lady is ripe/18, I’ll be 44, so I won’t be taking a bite out of that Apple!! At least her name isn’t as bad as the one some Swedish couple dubbed their son, Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbbllll6, (pronounced Albin)!!

And in other odd news, Larry Wachowski, probably all m-bare-assed by the last two awfulistic Matrix flicks, is all set to become Linda Wachowski… no, seriously!! Thanks to the Kid for the heads-up. Thigh Master OUT!!!!!!!

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