6/7/6The Sign of the Jewish Devilaka Brett Ratner

Looks like someone went to hell and back yesterday…


…take me with you!!

Yes, I finally updated the right side of this site. And yes, Brooklyn Vegan has moved inches away from dethroning the World Beard & Mustache Championships for the top spot in my (lynx) heart (sorry Grambs, but u juss don’t post often enuff to keep atop my ATP rankins, all dough, So Dark The Con Of Vanegas is a klassic with a k, but not as classic as the Kostars(Luscious Jackson side project)’s Klassics with a K)! I mean, I check no site more often than the BV, even if he keeps turning down my offers for free bacon cheeseburgers, and without him, I wouldn’t know which bands I’m going to miss at the Siren Fest cause I’ll be too busy trying to work off dem junk food calories at the batting cages. Besides, praying to the guy who really hates foie gras, u’all should give some love to the new links in the cellar, hispecially my boy and king of thighly contributions, Zach de La Roachlip, who doesn’t care for what’s above, cause he’s all about DEATH FROM BELOW

Keanu, ready for the girl of his Reeves! Woooah!

Any Air news is… AIR NEWS!!!

Fiddler tips us to the trailers for Woody Allen’s 2nd adventure in Britannia and the Wicker Man remake mistake. First off, is there anything the Fiddler hasn’t tipped us to these days? And secondly, I’ll cut off yer johnsons, but not nearly as much as the whole One Day In September/Munich shaz, if you don’t Netflix the original Wicker Man, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

What’s the bestest thing Brittany Murphy has appeared in since Clueless? Her and Paul Oakenfold’s ‘duet’, ‘Faster Kill Pussycat’ [vid]. Personally, I think Oaky as found the winning recipe for Murphy tolerance: limit her to 3 1/4 minutes of air time!

Korhneiser, talksin bout Ricky Williams’ defection to Canaduh, and what it sez on the ‘plaque’ of the CFL, ‘Give us you tired, you poor, and your whizzinators, and Lazarus‘ So tell me again why aren’t you DVRing the best darn sports show MT EVERwood?

Skeeter, I hearts you like mad (cow disease spread all over Hitler’s mother’s vagina), but if I can’t get thru Horton Hears a Who!, how the hell am I gonna get thru yer 6,079 worded behemoth of a post?

13 Memorably Unpopular Characters From Popular TV

Child Costume: Toilet!

Taking a dump, in FLIPBOOK mode!!


Dungeon Escape!!!!

Photographs of Harry Enfield!!!!!

For Sale: Judah Friedlander’s microwave!!!!!!

“Пока смерть не разлучит нас” похоже устарело:) Японские “трупы” женяться (8 фото)!!!!!!!

and triple peace the fork out goes to Space Ghost, the 19th 5th Beatle, and some Egyptian actress!!!!!!!!

But why the Egyptian actress that no one’s ever heard of besides Anwar Sadat, and not say, ump Eric Gregg? Cause a woman with a silly headpiece is always funnier than a fat guy who’s fat. I think it was Robespierre who said that, and that’s why he’s no longer with us. Stoopid racist French pig who was always wearing ROBES!!

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