Big Lovevs Lovie Smith

Bill Paxton’s a$$
aint got nuttin on my a$$
and the fake internet a$$
I have proclaimed and claimed to have had…

Schlepisode I
The Phantom Red Menace & Her Crab Infested Pubes

Schlepisode II
Attack of the Blonde Deez Nuts Boston Tea Party Baging Her

Schlepisode III
Revenge of My Stiffy, Below My Borscht Belt

Schlepisode IV
A New Pope Consummates A Charlotte Church

Schlepisode V
The Boobless Strike Back On The Big Boob Lover

Schlepisode VI
Return of The Making James Hasty Decisions on the Red-Eye

Schlepisode VII
Hopefully Not The Beginninining of the Postquel Postilogy

but my loves
for all my lovelies
aint as lovie dovie
as my love for Lovie Smith


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