Bizarre Ride II The Farcecyde

I’m sure your fantasy fooball league’s trade deadline is looming quicker than the next time you gonna wash yer Fruit of the Looms, so if you can’t pull off any hotness like I did, pawning off Brian Westbrook, Joe Jurevicius, and Greg Lewis, in exchange for Marvelous Harrison and Chris Brown, follow these super sleeping green giant tips and laff yerself silly all the way into the pay-offs

• QB – Sage Rosenfels at CLE, cause Jews are good with money and making people laff, so why shouldn’t they be good at tossing leather?
• RB – Lamar Gordon at NYG, cause Mike McMahon is no Jim McMahon, or Anthony Michael Hall (and Oates) for that matter
• WR – Antwaan Randle El at BAL, cause the Bible foretold a second coming of Slash
• TE – Mike Sellers vs OAK, cause his uncle Fuzzy loves himself some southern fried cookin
• K – Shaun Suisham vs DET, cause if this mammoth matchup was the only game on T-giving, people would renounce their citizenship
• D – Seahawks at SF, cause it looks like the Boz needs a new line of work, again


a edvard much belated
to everyone’s favorite
indentured servant
turned augmented cyborg
turned computer liaison officer
and sorta de-facto leader of Cloud City
who kinda looks like the principal from Back To The Future
the one
the only
the king of swing

1931 – 2005
[big ups to Pakula Shaker for the head]

tATu’s ‘Robot’ [d-lode]

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