Jeremy Shocking

Tara Reid Admits Her Breasts Are Fake

No word on if she has any brain activity

• Peace the fork out Walter Reed Medical Center

• Genius to team up with Genius. Effin genius!

• Natalie Portman prepares to play Mr T

• Falkor Barton falls for a Kim Thayil wannabe

• HRT the IIIrd ready to unleash the greatestist smelling mace

• New Fugees single in a fortnight + a 1/2 a fortnight?

• Samurai Armstrong proves there’s life after superjews Seth Cohen AND Ari Gold [via ASF]

• Charlotte Church’s choir director sentenced to 20 years in prison

• Could a new polo resort in Indio force Coachella to move elsewhere?

• Jack White would like to buy the world a Coke. Meg, a Faygo.

• Bjork ready to get her skeletons swan dress outta her closet

• What shines yer balls more? The news of new Lebowski DVDs, one version complete with a bowling towel and drink coasters, or the fact that the Dude is ready to roll another 10 frames, if only the Coen Bros oil the lanes? Well both are betterer than talks of Old School 2… unless it’s 90 minutes of this.

• Menupix, pix of menus from the NYC, SF, and BOS areas. I know it’s legit cause they have a the menu from my mos flavorite $4 Cubano sangwhich place

• The Human Zoo

• What did people use before toilet paper was invented?

• The only watch I’d consider wearing: Atari’s limited edition Asteroids watch [via Dr Falada]

• And big ups to my man main Raykwan the Chef (the monkey in the middle) who is on his way to becoming a full on JAG-off. Good to see the military can spend zillions on things that go boom in the night, but not a cent to update their Gomer Pyle/John Kerry unies.

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