Christo is not done wrapping. Along with his ho and DJ, Jeanne-Claude, they’ve jumped back into the studio to work on their follow-up to their hit release The Gates (and the remix they did with Hooters). Possible guest stars on this next joint may include DeVoe, Snow (not pictured), and Ill Mitch. Hey, it makes about as much sense as the director of In The Name of the Father teaming up with 50 Cent.

• Eddie Bunker peaced the fork out last week and no one paid attention, yet Michigan J. Frog’s firing gets all sorts of press. Wait, who’s Ed Bunk? [via The Poonmaster]

• Promise me that before you see Senor Spielbergo’s newly titled Munich this winter you will Netflix the doc One Day In September.

• The Fiery Furnaces will release the first of two new CDs this fall called Rehearsing My Choir. They also will be announcing a US tour during September and October.

• First look at Spacey as Luthor, or is it Daddy Warbucks?

• Pacers say yes and mad cabbages to Jasikevicius. But who will x-ray the hip of Exree Hipp?

• Crackhead apologizes for grabbing Peaches’ can

• Now that I gots plenty of free time I may juss take up the Redskins on their free invite to training camp.

• Lohan was on hand to give Lance a hand… job

• Wurstest blog related artwork of all-thymes

• Charlotte Church of Scientology?

• A chat with Bananarama

• I’m no Family Guy guy, but their lil a-ha video raping was kinda sorta amusing [via All Hail Christ…E]

• Google finds the lord

• The (brief) History of SNL’s Black Dudes

• Somehow they uglified Monica Bleucheese

• Top 10 Apollo Hoax Theories [via MOH]

• Saturn’s radio emissions are a complete Pink Floyd ripoff

• Did General Motors destroy the LA mass transit system?

• The Shitty Tipper Database! [via Meta]

• World’s oldest dildo found in cave! [via Monkey M]

• Tamponhenge [via YCMIU]

• Sharapovinski hasn’t left me alone for one second since I dropped infos about t.A.T.u. album numero 2. I think she’s juss a wee bit jealous that I find other Russians so crazy/sexy/cool, including, but not limited to Yakov Smirnoff. She was so bolsheviked that she kept pelting me with piping hot chicken Kievs (or as we called them in college, ‘abortion chickens’). But my dearest czarina has nothing to worry about, and I prove it to her every night by banging her square until it’s red. And how could I ever step out on a HRT the III when she does such adorable things during her matches like lift up her skirt to expose her thigh. If you didn’t know that’s her lil secret way of saying hello to yers drooly, like Carol Burnett does when she tugs her ear.

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