I Need A Dirty Woman I Need A Dirty Girl

Recognize this fine piece of 80’s movie a$$?? What, Bob Geldof looking aloof while tight pink panted 80’s movie a$$ walks by doesn’t give it away give it away give it away now? Well if yer dumb and founded I’ll speak and spell it out for you. I’ve been on a huge Floyd binge of late, due to their appy-pearance @ Bob Geldof’s Live 8, so I decided to revisit a dear olde friend of mine, The Wall album and film. And den what happened? Besides wanting to hide in a closet/jump out of a window/never shave off my eyebrows, I have re-fallen in love all over again with that fine piece of 80’s movie a$$ that belongs to one Jenny Wright, who played a cum guzzlin groupie in search of a back stage pass to give up dat a$$ to Geldof’s Floyd, while ‘Young Lust’ [d-lode] played in the background. Which brought me to my next quests called tribe: What ever became of her and where can I become all over her? Well, we know for a fact that’s she’s smoked fags in at least one flick and according to Mr Skin, she’s appeared nude in 5 films. But from 1998 on her whereabouts are unknown. Someone dig Robert Stack outta the grave cause we’ve got an unsolved mystery on our hands!! And Jenny, if yer reading this, I’ll offer you twice as much as I offered Jimmy Smits to make an appearance at my sis’ wedding to come over to my castle wearing them pink spandex and get yer sisterhoods of yer ya-yas out. If not, any dirty woman/girl will do. Email if interested, but brunettes need not apply.

• While we’re at it, this dude is a huge fan of their Wish You Were Here cover art AND The Wall meets Donkey Kong

• This year’s Siren Festival was purty darn schvitzy. We were there for 5+ hours and probably heard a total of 25 minutes of music. We was too busy eatin’, ridin’, and losin’ 7 dollars playin’ a dice game on the pier. Of course we followed up the day with a night at the Bohemian Beer Garden on the opposite side of the MTA map. Note to V-Voice: Next year please get bands I actually want to see like Mott The Hoople and King Crimson. Want more? Hit up the Vegan

• You may now kiss the bride slit your eyes

• I guess you can forget about the Breeders reforming

• George Lucas gives up, Sarah Michelle Gellar gives in, and Lohag, what gives?

• Danger Mouse + MF Doom = Dangerdoom

• Mandy Moore’s next stop of TV guestdom? Scrubs. Tell me, what does Zach Braff have that I don’t, cept a TV show and one heavily overrated movie?

• Anderson Cooper, a not so closeted Scissor Sisters fan [3rd item down]

• Heath the fork out!

• You a struggling actor and look like a terrorist? Contact the FBI

• This Thursday, July 21, at 8:30 pm @ The Montclair Public Library: The NeverEnding Story

• Me Ma & Liam Gallagher have something in common: a love of peanut butter

• Photos from a thing people used to call an ‘arcade’ [via Witzel the Pretzel]

• Always worth revisiting: The Many moods of Mischa Barton

• The Golden Age of Iron Men

• Enter the house of ENZO [via Dustin Diamonds]

• Proposed boxers for a sequel to Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

• SecretFunSpot.com

• And C-Belle, could you and yer bushy brows please stop being so sporking hottieolicuous? You are even more very fine than Veryfine drinks. So fine that you blow my mind. So let me ring your Belle and I’ll let you blow my Blow Pops. (And be kind and rewind). All I know is that at the theater where I’ll be peeping your latest joint, The Chumscrubber, they will mos def need a jizzmopper.


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