Blessing of the Whine

i mean, he was the best cardinal since stan musial

• For my first duty as Pope Eggs Benedict Arnold the MIXLIX’s personal bitch, he wants me to send out some birthday blessings on this 4/20, to Der Adolf ‘Watermelon Maniac‘ Hitler. Well, since I hate the bastard (not the Pope), I can’t be apart of such crapsense. Instead, I send all my b-day love to one J.D. Roth, the host of Fun House, which happens to be the 3rd greatest kid’s game show of the late 80’s, behind Double Dare & I’m Telling! [Pope pic via All Tings Christie]

• Advanced ticket sales for Revenge of the Sith are already nick goings on, but screw dat, cause wees should all be packing our hip airline bags and head to London, for a MARATHON SCREENING OF ALL SIX FILMS!

• Who knew the jackass of all jackassages was back in bidness? Scratch that!!! Anwyho, if u want to read some of his shiz, czech the cache.

• Natalie ‘Cinnabon’ Hotness + Javier Bardeemedthegreatest + Milos Formanforallseaons = CAN’T WAIT OSCAR GOLD!

• Gandalf and Doc Ock join the cast of da Da Vinci Code. So far, they’ve only one made on casting mistake: Tom Hanks.

• Salman Rushdie thinks Britney should name her baby ‘Javelin’ and other fun!

• Peep an early review of the Strangers w/Candy flick. [via Levitticus Chapter 69]

• Nicolette as Bree would have been Bad Idea Jeans.

• Speaking of those Jeans… Spaceballs The Flamethrower Cartoon

• Salma Foxx?

• I guess I’ll be going gay sooner than I thought. Btw, I think I may have to add Diego Luna to that list too. He’s juss so dreamy and always looks like he’s having the time of his life. I want him to throw tacos in my mouth all day long.

• Lettuce hope Oasis put a lil more effort into the album’s music, than they did into the artwork. Almost more zzzzzz than this.

• The Beatles were such prima donnas!

• Were you lame enuff to not buy Air’s brill-yant Talkie Walkie? Then download the whole thang!

• I’m goin to the pre-shmear, but you NYCers can see House of Wax Dat A$$ fo free! The answer to the question is ‘GILMORE GIRLS’.

• Don’t forget to keep votin’ for the short film I’m in, How To Make It In New York on $15 a Day, for Frontier Airlines’ Cloud 9 Film Festival!

• Buy some limited edition Gorillaz prints.

• Star Trek meets the Civil War [via MetaFiltertips]

• Ye olde Pop-Up books

• And I told Jared that if he keeps providing us with all this Her Royal Cuthsplurteness, I may have to name him Gran Moff Archduke of Thighland the I. So go there to see pics of Thy Lady of Thighs, but in the meantime, I gots to give a lil love to my sorta-forgotten Thighcubine, the owl-face-o-licious, Devon Aoki and two of her Sin sistahs!

owls love to stay up all night HOOTin and hollorin'

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