Cleveland Cleavage Rocks!

i wish i wrote my senior thessin on her BAZONGAS!!!

SAAB (Small And Animated Boobs). NSFW (Not Safe For Work). TTMMFNSA (The Thigh Master’s Mos Favoritistits New Site Around). [via Cefle via Metafilter]

– Really lame Urban Legends. [via Site With That HORRIBLE Logo]

– The Steelers’ logo and why its only on one side of the helmet all hexplained here! [via Ask Yazoo!]

– Alaska could have been the next Netherlands.

– ‘Kemosabe’, not racist.

– The Missouri El Tigres’ men’s b-ball squad were smacked with 3 years probation, but no ban on tourney play. Quin Snyder could not be reached for comment cause his nose was deep down in a pile of blow. Let it be known that Quiny, with the Leonardo DiCap hair, be the only person associated with the Dukies that I remotely respect.

Liquid Heroin Found in Fruit Juice Boxes. I think these be those long lost/rumored juice boxes that were suppose to end up in Jonestown, Guyana, instead of that wicked cyanide Kool-Aid.

tucker carlson's estranged cousin?

Flash animation at tits wurstest, starring Ted ‘The Million Dollar Man’ DiBiase (best watched wit sound). [via Mr Flip] Speaking of WRASTlin’, is it juss me or did anyone else not know that Miss Elizabeth died last year? Everyone snap into a Slim Jim on her behalf and bewhole.

– Buy a the mix CD pieced together by Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle and you can win a mix cassette! WOW! Now all the winner has to do is find a tape player!

Add Macca to the Band Aid III line-up.

– Select yous, sign up for free passes to see Natalie Portman play a stripper in Closer or Geoffrey Rush looking eggzactly like Peter Sells in The Life & Death of Peter Sellers. And for you EnWhySeaers, pick up free passes to see Bridget Jones II, Seed of Chucky, and Brett Ratner’s latest piece of crap.

And some final political fizz…

– Now that Puffy’s mission of getting famous skinny people and Democratic NYers to vote is over, maybe he can resurrect Nintendo’s Skate Or Die!

– Single and want to move to Canada pronto? Click me! Or contact Cutie Canuck Paige. [via My Democratic Man Marvkus]

– You thought G Dub won yesterday? Boviously you were mistaken. The map don’t lie peoples! Major congratrelations to The Peabs & The Coz!!! I can already hear the ‘4 more years!’ chant, but…

– Who you puttin yer money on in 2008? Here be


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