Tiggers With Attitude

don't feed the animal

– Kerry and Busch are missing the boat on the hottest topic in America: dem unreleased videotapes of Roy (of Siegfried & fame) being mauled by a tiger.

– Wondering how Ali G landed that uncomfortable interview with Andy Rooney? The truth is out there. And if you didn’t get to see it, you can peep it at our good pal Norm’s place.

– Michael Phelps, Michael Schmelps. Here’s an event he’d never medal in: The Asian Mustache Olympics. [via Newbsy Russell]

– Lord loves a hairy man and someone must love this guy. [vias CityRagDoll]

– Are you the breastest at Rock, Paper, Scissors? Head to DC this weak end and show yer stuff. [via Guns n Rosenthal]

StupidVideos.com. Need I say moore? [via Use His Computter]

– Is it juss me or does I Heart Huckabees look like a poor man’s Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind?

– Stoned Rose Ian Brown vs Yo Mama As Well Director Alfonso Cuarón, round 2.

– One of my moast flavorite Bob Mould produced bands, Magnapop aints dead yet. They’re playing a show in Athens, GA this Friday, and in Belgium next month.

– One person who wouldn’t be caught dead in Ambercornbeef & Fitch’s West Virginia: No Lifeguard At The Gene Pool t-shirt is the Mountaineer state’s Governor.

– I’m one of the blessed folks to receive a 2nd round pre-sale password for MoveOn.org‘s Vote for Change concert series. And since I live in a very Democratic city, none of the shows are coming here. Sooooooo, if u live in bumblefork, and yer the 1st person to email me, I’ll give you my passcode which can help you land up to 4 tickets to one of the shows.

– And to close up shop, a Montana State student charged with intentionally clogging a toilet.

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