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DeLorean fever is at an all time high… well at least in my world it is. This all stemmed from my peepage of an hour long DeLorean documentary on the rise and fall of DeLorean Motorcar Company (the original DMC?), directed by class-acts D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus, as a part of the Trio Network’s Flops series. (Don’t forget to click here to win an actual DeLorean from Trio!) The doc just gave me a taste of the story, but I was thirsty for much mo. So thru some sleuthy google action, I came upon the greatest DeLorean url known to man: Tamir’s DeLorean Site. But don’t bother clicking on that link cause I’ve gone thru the trouble of surveying the entire site and have provided you fine people with all the key linkagesz…

And don’t be scared if you see these faces along the way cause they is our friends and guides on this wonderful trip down DeLorean Lane…

young Tamir John DeLorean himself Marty Mc

Tamir and his finger Tamir's Bro's Finger

– Ever seen a gold DeLorean? So crazy/umcredible. If I ever get rich, I’m going to buy and a gold DeL!

– Move over you crazy Shriners with yer fez caps, cause these babies should be in evey parade ever! So illest!!

– Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny Carson’s DeLorean!

– Best saga since Star Wars Episodes IV-VI: The DeLorean Saga.

– Is this DeLorean heaven?

– Our buddy Tamir stalked the man himself, John Z DeLorean! And Tamir also stalked the rest of the DeLorean family! Daughter DeLorean lookin’ mighty fine!

– Tamir conducted an amazing written interview with Johnny Z DeLorean: Part 1 & Part 2

– Think yer some DeLorean genius like my boy Tamir? Cha-right. But try the quiz anywhozitwayz!

Can you say obsessed?

– DeLorean hits the airwaves and goes to the movies! And these DeLorean commercials are the bees’ grundle.

– Here’s the greatest combos since the pepperoni pizza kind: Huey Lewis & a DeLorean AND ZZ Top & a Delorean!

– And finally, yep, there’s even DeLorean porn! Click here for clips! (Sorry folks, but no nudity)

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