PCP (Pants-Colas-Phones)


guy must have worst case of swamp ass ever

If yer a resident of Baton Rouge, Loosey-anna, and wear long-ass shorts, your days are numbered. Looks like the lo-cal gov-mint is trying to put a “lowrider” law into affect that will help deter crime. Let the kids be, you rajun-ass cajuns! It should be a crime to let men wear short shorts! [Link via Big Worm]


if RC Cola can't cut it, how will you?

What are the chances that a Chinese cola could dethrone both Coke and Pepsi in the grand ole US of Ass? Slim to f-in about as much cock as a nun sees. This may be the wurst venture in the food & beverage industry since Virgin Cola and Ali G’s ice cream glove hit our shores. But that won’t stop the company Wahaha (not to be confused with superfly convenient store, Wawa) from trying. And what’s the name of this futuristic cola? Why, Future Cola of course! And if this shiz does catch on, here’s a list of other drinks they could pimp: Duck Sauce Orange Soda, Kikkoman Root Beer, and MSGreen Tea.


I doubt if AAA can help you pal

If you were ever jonesing for a website all about payphones, you’re prayers have been answered. [Link via Tim “F$%ker” Altie]

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