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Shomer shabbos!

– Who’s had more spinoffs than Ultragrrrl (see Greg the B-Friend & Nikki The Roomie)? The Lebowski Fest, that’s who! First there was the original one in Louisville (where yer humble narrator is headed to next month). Then a western one spouted up in Vegas this past February. And now it’s time to break out the white Russians and Creedence tapes for a third installment in New York, from August 13-14!!

– Speaking of grand events, Bono and Prime Pimp Tony Blair are looking to raise money for the world’s poor by resurrecting Live Aid from the dead. Original head pimp in charge of the 1985 version, Sir Bobby Geldof, has so far not been involved in round 2. I’m sure he’s too busy shaving off his eyebrows in a hotel somewhere.

– An albino alligator moved from Florida to Iowa. And somewhere from point A to B, he got a lil light in the loafers.

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