Qwik BitzThe Lettuce Ketchup Edition

I’d become a Bjorn-again Christian
if ABBA were to ever reunite.

– Doesn’t look like Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, or Frida (ABBA or ABBF if you want get crazy) will be suiting up in tight 70s-style spandex jumpsuits anytime soon. The posse just rejected a $2 BILLION offer to reform like Voltron. I guess that means that Swedish Fish will remain the country’s biggest export. Oh well, so I say thank for the music… for giving it to me!

– Guess what happens to a college town when it wins the NCAA championship? Every third car gets turned over, the local Circuit City gets looted, and everything from an aardvark to yer ZZ Top CD collection gets burned to the ground. Congrats to the UConn Huskies and the city of Storrs, you’re our next contestant on Fox’s new reality series: Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah.

– I’m sure you’ve already heard by now that J-Blo’s su madre hit it big in AC to the tune of $2.4 mil. Now she can buy the block that Jenny’s from, the brand spankin’ new In Living Color DVD boxset (where J-Ho and SW1 both got their starts), and perhaps a script to a good movie for her daughter to star in. OK, so I loved Maid In Manhattan, but I also love White Castle hamburgers… shows you what kind of tastes I have!

– Everyone’s parents encourages them to get a job when their young. I started off shelving books at the local library when I was 14 (then I quit and joined a rap group called Dewey’s Decibel System). But what if you were 2 years old and you managed a cash register at yer parents’ restaurant? Aren’t their child labor laws in this country? At the rate he’s going, he can retire at age 31!

– Finally, The Christ is all the rage in the Islamic world. Why? “Anything Jews say is bad becomes interesting in this part of the world, it sells easily.” Well if Jews say that bombing buses be bad, then how come that shit happens all the time?

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