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Turk(ey) 182(,000)

turkeys for sale, Marmion Road, Southsea Common, Portsmouth, England, Christmas 1926


Turquey du Soleil

thank you for giving a sh!t

turkey man

enjoy all the turkey you can mustard


Gentlemen Prefer Thighs

Marilyn Monroe Posing with a Turkey

mm turkey2

mm turkey3

mm turkey4

mm turkey 6

wearing a costume that is half-Puritan, half-chorine, pretty Marilyn Monroe seems to have little desire to hunt turkey after finding this gobbler, still ‘stumping’ long after Election Day. Currently seen in All About Eve, this movie starlet seems just as frightened by the gun as the bird is. photo dated November 10, 1950 – Hollywood


Turkey Prison

Men and women of the armed forces stationed in and around Los Angeles joined with the home folks on November 25, 1943, in the annual assault on the bird of the day–the turkey. Here, men and women representing all branches of the service hold back just long enough for a picture. Then, look out, turkey!

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