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Paul Saul

Paul Harris logo by Saul Bass, 1973


A Touch of Bass

The Firemen’s Ball – New York subway poster for the Cinema II theater limited release of the 1967 MiloÅ¡ Forman film

it’s based on Saul Bass’s poster artwork


Scout’s Honored

King Kong in Girl Scout Cookie Time poster for Quaker Oats by Saul Bass, 1972

Bass would go on to redesign the Girl Scouts of America logo in 1978


Smallmouth Bass

Saul Bass is the fcuking BASSt when it comes to designing graphics, logos and titles, but did you know that he did the title credits for the 1988 movie Big?  sadly, it looks like he didn’t really bring any BIG ideas to the table, and kinda phoned it in.  Italics and double underlines?  Saul, c’mon man, you could do that in yer sleep.  heck, I could do that in your sleep!

big bass 2

big bass 3

big saul 1

still, SAUL BASS!!!!!!!!!!!

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