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Minnie Flirt

Four deadlocked editorial meetings, a flurry of confusion and an eleventh hour telegram to Sagebrush Studios produced the Kute ‘n Kampy Kut-Up on this month’s cover. It expresses both our hard-hitting editorial policies and Sagebrush’s ob-session with female mouse knockers [National Lampoon September 1970 issue]

Disney sued the Lampoon for $11 million over this cover


One Hundred
& One Swastikas

was Walt Disney a fascist????  if not, then why does dear ole Minnie Mouse own a swastika lighter?????

from the Mickey Mouse short ‘The Wayward Canary’
November 12, 1932 [watch]

and wait, WHAT THE FUDGE is It girl Clara Bow doings sporting swastika duds???


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