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Pachyderms of Endearment

Coney Island’s Elephantine Colossus

opened in 1885 as a 122 feet high, 7 floored, 31 roomed hotel, before it quickly lost all of its wonder & luster and become a boarding house and later, a brothel. it burned to the ground in 1896. she was and still is survived by her older southern Jersey sister Lucy


Pixel Dusted

Barcade, the only reason (besides Coney Island) to visit Brooklyn


Lions And Tigers And A$$ Tears, Oh My!

Detroit gets a purty bad rap. How do we know this? Every time we mentioned that we were heading there for the weekend, the listener responded, why? Well, 36 hours of non-stop Michigan runings around proved that the answer is why not? Three key reasons why not: A) it’s the home of Peabs, although he was outta town B) we weren’t shot at and/or killed, and C) we weren’t there long enuff to hate it, so in the end, we loved it!

we were Dearborn to be wild

and hit up Miller’s Bar
and had one of their tasty burgers
where you pay on the honor system
so we ordered 15 burgers and claimed we had only one

although to be honest, it aint got nuttin on Wendy’s
but then again, most burgers aint gotz nuttin on Wendy’s

we visited The Henry Ford
which is like a place of stuff
that the Smithsonian didn’t want or have room for

nothing sez history awful/awesomeness
like the car JFK was whacked in
and the chair Abe Lincoln got plugged in

sadly John Wilkes’ Photobooth wasn’t there

lotsa neon!

but no Deion or the Belmonts

this is what ye olde stewardessesses had to do to get ready

they forgot to ask them to shave their bushes

this is where Rosa Parks sat and changed stuffs for good

we feel like such an Outkast

Jewanicure was hungry like a wolf

and danced with some bizatch named Rio, on the sand

the nuclear family

with some d-bag with 18 necks

who you gonna call?

hopefully the police so they can arrest
the people making Ghostbusters III

holy grail! we choose wisely!!

but in Latin, ‘your mother’s a ho-bag‘ is spelled with a ‘i’?

someone give Luke a hand…


wow, an actual replica of our big johnson

ride at your own risk

no trip to the D is complete w/out hitting up
The Motown Musuem

tis almos morer importanted than visiting Sun Records in Memphis
and jussta reminder to you alls…
visit Graceland before they die

fake Diana Ross was da bomb shiz

and so is her company, Ho Town Records

who doesn’t love a giant fist?

maybe this fist is to honor their boy RoboCop

Pizzapapalis was poppin-alis!

but really rocked cause you could play
Keno while scarfing down a pie

Don’t forget it Jake, cause it’s Greektown

which hactually wasn’t a ghetto casino
even though you think it would be

hot dogs in Rock City
are called Coney Island
although they juss pale imitations of Nathan’s
and wees only talkin about the Nathan’s in the real Coney
not some garbage Nathan’s you eat on the Jersey Turnpike

and apparently its good for bidness to have
two rival spots right next to each other

American‘s dogs weren’t that bad

and the interior was mad cool

but also mad empty

cause everyone was next door at the slightly better
Lafayette, munchin on their formica countertops

are you sh%tting in yer pants juss lookin at these pics?

anywho, the real reason for visiting was the Skins-Lions tilt

and we muss say, Ford Field is one amazin place to see a game

and an amazin place to see Randel El and James Thrash stretch!

and the Danny was on hand
lookin like Big Boy

but we’ve always loved him
and have stood by him
cause no one tries harder than the Danny
and bless him and his odd coaching search
which begat


the game was too close for comfort
in a non-Jim J Bullock kinda way
but the good guys won

leaving the Lions winless
and their fans with bags on their head
which was more entertaining than the movie Baghead

visit Detroit!
don’t be scared!
although we can’t promise that you’ll live!


A Thirstday For Knowledge

meat the adorable cutie pie mcgee guest star from last week’s Gossip Girl Laura Leigh. she’s a recent Juilliard grad with two first names and no IMDb profile. she’ll be appearing in some play next month starring Jason Bigggggs. we want to pinch her cheeks, both sets

Jenna Fischer has a new beau, and sadly it’s not us or Beau Bridges

Lohag’s dressing up as a lesbian for Halloween

Kenley Spears hottier than Kenley Collins

the Jonas Bros get to molest Camille Belle and her eyebrows. wonder if this plea for her hand in marriage had anything to do with it

where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? and moist importantly, where the fred funk have you gone YouTube’s ‘original size’ button?

Deconstruction of Famous Personalities

Struggling Mets Combine To Form Carlos Voltron

What is the meaning of PEZ?

Coney Island Beard and Moustache Competition


SFW XXX, probably not so SFW [Time Werespanko]

we’re off to B-town tonight for mad ranch sauce farts
so no postage tomorrow
so get yer stamps st else wear

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