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Ride or Dayenu

Coney Island Passover – April 1978, a Passover festival at Astroland, a space-themed amusement park that was a fixture on Coney Island’s boardwalk for years. During the 2-day celebration, about 10,000 Jewish park-goers “took over the park, rode the rides and ate at special Kosher concessions,” The New York Times reported








Wonderland is an abandoned amusement park construction project located about 20 miles outside of Beijing. Originally proposed and designed to be the largest amusement park in Asia, construction stopped in 1998 following financial problems with local officials, while a 2008 attempt to start construction again also failed. The site, which featured a number of abandoned structures, including the frame work of a castle-like building and medieval-themed outer buildings, was being reclaimed by local farmers to grow their various crops while the site was abandoned


Radiation Vacation

screw Disney World, cause we wanna hear this year’s Super Bowl MVP yell ‘I’m going to Wunderland Kalkar‘!!!!! you know, that abandoned nuclear power plant turned into an amusement park, complete with a swing ride & climbing wall cooling tower!!!!!!!!!!!!!


whatever you do, don’t scream!!



totally 5got to ‘celebrate’ our mos flavorite nuclear disaster of balls thyme: Chernobyl.  can’t believe it’s only been 25 years since that horrible sh$t went down.  feels like a zillion years, donut?

one of our crazy goals in life is to one day visit Chernobyl and Prypiat, the abandoned neighboring town that housed the nuclear plant’s workers.  yes, VISIT!!!!!  yes, people can and do - FAQ: I want to tour Chernobyl. How do I get there?

we jealous of these Plan C artist people, who were captivated by the never ridden merry-go-round ride in Prypiat’s amusement park and took scrap metal from the area and created a new ride that resides in Manchester England!

Plan C’s flickr page


Undiscovered Chernobyl

Chernobyl – before and after the disaster

The Big Picture – Chernobyl disaster

CNN – Nuclear Ghost Town (video)

& an oldie, yet still a goodie: Lost City of Chernobyl


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