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Fours All On

George Bancroft, George Bancroft, George Bancroft and George Bancroft


Gunning Down The Barrel of A Look

former Los Angeles Police Chief James E Davis holding and pointing his pistol, April 19, 1930 [via the incredible LAPL]


The Man Who Wood Be Grant

The American Gothic House, also known as the Dibble House, is an iconic Carpenter Gothic house in Eldon, Iowa.  It was the backdrop of the 1930 painting American Gothic by Grant Wood.  You can visit the house and even take yer own jacka$$tic photos!!

Wood decided to paint the house along with ‘the kind of people I fancied should live in that house.’  He recruited his sister Nan (1899–1990) to model the woman, dressing her in a colonial print apron mimicking 19th century Americana. The man is modeled on Wood’s dentist, Dr Byron McKeeby (1867–1950) from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

July 19, 1980 – on Nan Wood Graham’s birthday, and 50 years after the painting was completed, Carl E Smith and Nan pose in front of the house in celebration of mounting the bronze National Historic Plaque on the American Gothic House [via]


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